Extrusion Prototype – Snap Fit Feature

This series of parts was designed by Division and then prototyped for a company developing watersports equipment.. This component was designed for aluminum extrusion and prototyped using wire EDM and waterjet technologies.

In order to decrease costs for fasteners and assembly time, Division designed the extrusions to snap together. This required several revisions to the original design until the customer got the sound and feel they desired in the snap fit.

Material: 6061-T6
Coating: None
Size: Various
Value Added Services: Wire EDM, Waterjet
Application: Watersports

Tubular Extrusion 1 Tubular Extrusion 2 Tubular Extrusion 3 Tubular Extrusion 4 Tubular Extrusion 5 Tubular Extrusion 6 Tubular Extrusion 7 Tubular Extrusion 8 Tubular Extrusion 9
JR Print 6

JR Print 4

JR Print 3
JR Print 2
Hook Analysis 3

Hook Analysis

Hook Analysis 2